let’s think about things.


Hi, I’m Eugen Rodel, founder of thingminds. We provides consulting and research service. Our purpose is to help you think about things – in a fresh way.

  • We are passionate about combining strategic expertise of a management consultant with the creative power of an artist to grow, renew, transform and evolve your organisation. Therefore we use use agile, iterative techniques like Design Thinking and and draw a lot on the basis of Visual Thinking.
  • We merge unique expertise on things such as Service-oriented Strategies, Innovation and Business Models with insights on Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop together with you an innovative strategy which your customers will highly value and that makes you different from your competitors.

Do you want do know more about “A Business Model for Establishing Service Orientation of Capital Goods Manufacturing Companies“? Then have a look at my thesis.

If you are interested in going deeper, I recommend you the blog “ofthings”.

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